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03.25.14 Blog Update
Numerous school performances in Wisconsin and Illinois are among the highlights in this month's edition of Uncle Mike's Blog. Find out which states he's scheduled to visit this summer, plus get details on his fifth annual appearance at one of the nation's largest music festivals! Read all about it in this month's Blog. Just looking for event details? then visit the Events page here.

02.20.14 Blog Update
The year 2014 is getting off to a great start for Uncle Mike and Pint Size Polkas! Read all about what's been going on this month on the Blog page, plus get a glimpse into what the future holds in store! Need more information regarding upcoming dates? Then be sure to check out the Events page for all the latest information, including links to Google maps for each location.

01.30.14 Events Update
If you've not visited the Events page in awhile, you're missing out on all the recent activity. Uncle Mike has nearly 100 shows scheduled already for the summer of 2014, with more likely to be coming in as Spring approaches! If you're a librarian looking to book a program, please be sure to visit the Hire page today and contact Mike to reserve your date this summer, or any time you're looking for a fun program!
04.05.14 Family Fun Fair
PEM Schools
05.17.14 Forest Park Library
05.20.14 Cutler Park
05.27.14 Clinton Elementary
06.02.14 Flagg-Rochelle Lib.
06.03.14 Montgomery Lib.
06.03.14 Lanesboro Library
06.05.14 Faribault Library
06.07.14 Bullard Library
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